Scientific veterinary institute “Novi Sad” (Leading Beneficiary)

Scientific veterinary institute “Novi Sad” is the leading scientific and research institution in the field of veterinary science and biotechnology in Serbia. As one of12 accredited state laboratories together with epizootiological department, it is responsible for monitoring, diagnostics,control, prevention and suppression of animal diseases and distribution of immunoprophylactic products in the area ofJuznobacki and Srem District. Scientific veterinary institute “Novi Sad” employs 74 people, among them 37 researchers, 27 PhD in veterinary medicine, chemistryand other fields, 9 PhD students and 9 specialists in different fields of veterinary medicine. The staff is also experienced in project management experience. Scientific veterinary institute “Novi Sad” has offices and IT equipment necessary for administrative tasks and projectmanagement, but it also possess laboratories for scientific work.


State Forestry “Gemenc CPLC.”

State Forestry “Gemenc CPLC.” owns 37,839 hectares of state-owned forest land and 55,700 hectares of commercial hunting ground. The floodplainareas form the Danube section of the Danube-Drava National Park (approximately 20,000 hectares). From the east and west,10,200 hectares of sand and 5,400 hectares of highland are connected to the floodplain. B1 has all necessary professionalcapacity (financial, administrative, human, etc.) for project implementation. It has 255 qualified employees, numerouswell equipped offices and a solid financial liquidity. The basic task of GemencCPLC is to manage the human, natural and economicvalues entrusted to it, to carry out continuously renewing abilities, modern forestry, logging, wood processing and gamemanagement as well as tourism related activities.


Public Enterprise “Vojvodinašume” Petrovaradin

VForests is a public enterprise with adequate professional expertise, financial liquidity, operational capacity and knowledge in project management to perform as beneficiary of the project proficiently. VForests is organised into 3 organisational levels: 1. Directorate, 2. Sections of the Enterprise- 4 forest holdings and the sections of "Lovoturs” and „Vojvodinašume-Turist“, 3.Work units – forest administrations and other work units. The Directorate performs strategic, development and coordination activities and supervision of work of sections of the enterprise. Forest administrations are basic units for planning and organisation of forest management activities. The enterprise has over 1,300 employees, among them staff that will be incharge of coordinating sample collection and provision of inputs.